SQ 56-63-71-80

They are suitable for transferring liquids containing impurities up to 3 mm in size.
Their hydraulic components: impeller in nylon and feed screw in cast-iron allow them to be used with water, emulsions and oily substances in general, with a viscosity not exceeding 21 cSt (3° Engel).
The temperature of the liquid must not exceed 70°C.

They are commonly used on:
- machine tools (milling and turning machines)
- surface treatment plants (oil separators)

They must be installed laterally on the tank to allow the liquid to enter directly into the suction point.
Should the liquid be particularly dirty, it is advisable to build a compartment tank in order to allow the sludge to deposit before it is sucked by the pump.
For different uses, please consult our Technical Office.

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