SPV 100-150

They are suitable for transferring liquids containing impurities up to 3 mm in size.
Their hydraulic components: impeller, feed screw and pump body in Nylon allow them to be used with water, emulsions and oily substances in general, with a viscosity not exceeding 21 cSt (3° Engel).
The temperature of the liquid must not exceed 70°C.

They are commonly used on:
- machine tools (milling and turning machines)
- glass processing machinery (TRI version when possible)
- printing machines
- air-conditioning systems

They are normally installed on a tank with a capacity which is proportional to their flow rate, about 4-5 cm from the bottom.
It is important to make sure that the maximum liquid level in the tank is always 3-4 cm lower than the support flange.
Should the liquid be particularly dirty, it is advisable to build a compartment tank in order to allow the sludge to deposit before it is sucked by the pump.
For different uses, please consult our Technical Office.

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